Some thoughts on Protocol

The past few weddings have prompted me to write down some thoughts for the future…

First things first – On starting on time, it’s really important that we start on time, if you schedule your reception from 7-12, with cocktails at 7, your guests should start being there from 6:55 7:25. I’ve seen many people show up between 6:30-6:45 and expect to be served. During this time, the professional servers are putting the final touches on everything. They (your guests) will be standing around and waiting for 15 minutes.

And besides, you want to start on time.

Second thought – Vendor meals – Some, not all but some venues require meals for your professionals to be served after everyone has been served. I’m not sure who started this or who thought this, but this is wrong. After the bride and groom are finished with their meals, most of the time they visit the tables of their guests, saying hello and whatnot. (More on this later) – Feeding the professionals with the wedding party will put us in a better mood, we are ready to rock! Not after everyone is finshed, because that means we have to rush with our meals. Serve us after the wedding party is served. Thank you.

Thirdly – I don’t recommend visiting each table after you are done with your meal, why? This is why you have a receiving line. You’re thanking them there. After you and your spouse have completed your meals, freshen up and then we proceed with the protocol that is next, ie: Parent dances or open dancing. Something we’v e also recommended is for the bride and groom to use our microphone to thank them for coming out, if you feel a need to do this again.

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