13 Tips (other than hiring a DJ) for throwing a Bar/ Bat Miztvah

People always are looking for a list of tips to help them plan the best event possible!  We know that a great DJ is already on the top of your list, so we found this article with 13 more tips you should consider!

What is your budget?

It’s the first question that you should ask yourself and your spouse and you should stick with it. Commit to a price and stick with it. Hard as it may be, don’t go beyond it. Don’t break the bank because, heaven forbid, college is right around the corner.

Get the caterer on speed dial!

This is tied for first with the above, but before you go calling the caterer, you better set your budget or else… so we move this to number two. And sure, you could do the cooking yourself, but do you really want to cook for 150 or more people? No, you don’t. You want to enjoy yourself. So pick your favorite catering company or restaurant and let them handle the food. Now, if you live in a community setting and people want to do potluck, that’s on you. Just remember, when the dust settles and everyone is home, it is the food they will remember and talk about the most. That goes for both good food and bad food. People are still commenting 30 years later about the baby lamb chops served at my cousin’s bar mitzvah — they loved ‘em. If the food is great, they will talk about it for years. If the food is bad, they will talk about it forever.

Pick a theme.

Do you want traditional or a theme? In all my years in the business, I have seen have a full gamut, from luaus complete with candy-makers flown in from Hawaii, hula dancers, and fire-torch twirlers to traditional celebrations with a Klezmer band. Personally, I like a traditional mitzvah, because I think it is really a theme of its own. But hey, if you want a theme, go for it! If you do go with a theme, pick something that is meaningful to you and your child.

To read the full article originally posted in September, 2013 by Lauren Gordon, visit The Daily Meal.

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