Chances are that you’ve never hired a DJ for a school dance. We’ve assembled a list of most faq’s to help you make a better education decision.

Let’s get the most popular question out of the way!

How much do you charge?

We realize that schools are on a budget, our rates depend on several factors, ie: type of school dance, venue location, time of our event, day of the week, equipment needed, number of people and other options. We offer discounted rates for multi-booking events.

What is your style?

Fun! Plus, we’ll play the great music requested by the students and our awesome lights and always act and dress professionally.

Do you take requests?

Yes, we highly suggest this. We want your guests to be active participants in their dance.

Do you travel?

Yes, of course. We have no limits.

What is your attire?

Depending on the event, for school dances, we’ll wear our dress slacks and our company polos and our appearance is always appropriate and professional. For private parties, suit and tie, slacks and tie or a Tuxedo!