Ahhh, Wedding Season!

There are millions of weddings that take place every weekend in the country. Some are on the small-sale budget wise, others are on the high-end. Every bride has a vision of when she was a little girl, of how she wanted her wedding to be.

We’ve catered to almost every bride imaginable, from the bride that has her reception at the American Legion to the bride that has her reception whether it’s at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga or Mallozzi’s in Rotterdam. Both beautiful venues I might add!

And us being professional DJs, we get asked about our style and how we help the bride, the music and everything else in between.

A bride may say to us, “we want to DJ that doesn’t talk a lot” “We want to DJ that plays only Oldies music”, etc.

But that’s what we do, we “cater” to the bride AND the groom! It’s a mutual decision with all of us! Ie: If the Bride and groom say we want only a certain type of music played, we’ll do that, but when dancing starts and the guests aren’t receptive to their style, we will switch it up to make sure that the dance floor is full!

There’s are lots of variables into a wedding reception. We will do our best to make sure be bride and groom are happy, it’s their day, not ours! 🙂

Cater to the bride and groom! It’s sounds cliche, but it works and they will be happy and you too! Happy Brides, Happy Referrals!

Thanks for reading! Questions, let me know!

Tim Wedeman


cell, 518-209-3097