Welcome to the music portion of our web site! Do you have a playlist? We have No problem playing your playlist. Let’s talk!

We typically play the HITS from the 1950s to the current hits of today! Formats include but not limited too: Top 40, Oldies. Urban, Hip Hop, Country, Swing, Big Band, Adult Contemporary and if you have a ethnic themed party like Polish, Italian and Jewish!

Our music comes alive on our Bose speakers, you would think it’s a LIVE performance! It’s that awesome!  We strive for a full dance floor, and it will be!! We know what to play and when. Yes. we’re experienced! We’re FUN!

Capital Disc Jockeys has over 30,000 songs (More than enough!) stored on our computers. This makes finding your guests requests much faster and allows us to change the order of the music on the fly.

What about backups? Many times we are asked about backups, they include a laptop with a DJ software program called OTSAV or another DJ Power.

What happens if there’s a song you don’t have? No problem! We can purchase it via itunes. We’ll find every way to get it!

***We don’t play hardcore Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Explicit or anything that’s not danceable. All of our music is danceable!

Call us today and let us make your next event the BEST ever!! 372-7121.